NECA Officially gets Evil Dead 2 and Rambo Figure Licenses!

Not much else to report besides the fact that NECA will be making figures from Rambo and Evil Dead 2. reports that the figures will be of Rambo from the first 3 movies, and if they do well, more possibilities are available.

Yeah, probably won't be seeing this version.

As for ED2, there will be figures of Ash (Duh) and more “surprises”.

You better have put your pants back on, Mr. President...


I just hope we get a good, classic, “chainsaw-hand” Ash. Everything beyond that is groovy gravy.

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  1. they should also make action figures of escape from new york, predator, lethal weapon, timecop, mad max and more action figures of die hard like more action figures of mcclane from all 4 films and some of the villians.

I suppose you have a better thought on the subject?

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