Is the new Joe 5 pack worth it?

In a word- YES

(left) Lady Jaye v. 2 from the DVD battle pack. (right) Lady Jaye v. 3 from the newly released Joe 5 pack.

Aside from her head and javelin pouch, which were the parts that were new in the second version, the whole damn figure has been rebuilt from the ground up. Have to hand it to hasbro here, the Lady Jaye was one of my personal favorites and just looking at them together….damn talk about a wide margin of change. Everything previously done has been improved upon, from the body-which is far more detailed and better proportioned to her javelin now being solid (there’s still broken down ones in her bag) even her paint and general color has been upgraded.

I’ll do my best to snap pics of the others. But hell even this is shows you how far they’ve managed to go in a very short period.

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