Lazy Sunday Post: Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog.

Before you say it- YES I am well aware this was some sort of ‘net thing’ like last year or some such thing. Leave me alone. I heard ‘Joss Whedon’ and instantly ignored the damn thing. The trite prick. It goes without saying that I finally caught this the other day (it hit netflix instant watch and the girlfriend said I should watch it) and I have to admit it’s rather good. Catchy songs, a semi cliche’d story, sorry saw that final twist coming a mile off, but overall a decent way little piece.

Story-wise it is a little cliche, well if you’re comic fan it is I suppose, and it’s success to me lies in the strength of its cast. Doogie Howser plays the lead and damn if he isn’t looking…..older. He’s the wannabe super-villain ‘Dr. Horrible’ whose blog this show is anchored on (don’t worry it isn’t JUST blog posts though), he’s infatuated by the ‘good girl’ Penny and idiotic bastard superhero ‘Captain Hammer’ (played by the lead in Slither…can’t think of his name right now sorry). I didnt’ expect much from the Hammer character but I found him goofy in that ‘The Tick’ meets Gaston from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ sort of way. Just wait til he performs the ‘everyone’s a hero’ song.

So I’ll shut up now and just link the damn show. Sound good?

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