New Iron Man 2 Movie Figures

Well folks, we are about 2 months away from the theatrical release of Iron Man 2. So you know what that means… THE TOYS ARE OUT! THE TOYS ARE OUT!

One caveat (if you haven’t heard) is that these are all 3 3/4 scale now.

Just like the X-Men Origins: Wolverine line of last year, there is both a comic series and a movie series. Reports are that the first wave of both the comic and movie series are being found at Wal-Marts across the nation.

But today we have a preview of some future wave! Here are what looks to be Unmasked War Machine (Jim Rhodes), Black Widow, Unmasked Iron Man (Tony Stark), Whiplash, and Nick Fury. For me personally, Nick Fury is a must have, and he will probably go in with the G.I. Joes. I hope they make a Tony Stark in a business suit sometime as well.

War Machine, Black Widow, Iron Man, Whiplash, Nick Fury

UPDATE Dec 2010:

So of these figures, I have seen Whiplash in a Target multi-pack as well as a single-packed figure.

Nick Fury I have seen in a Toys R Us Multi-pack.

I have heard that unmasked War Machine and Black Widow are in upcoming Target exclusive multi-packs, but I don’t have any more info on that.

No word on where the unmasked Iron Man is supposed to be.

Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments below!

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  1. I like whitey Nick Fury, but he is a B.A. as a black dude as well. The major confusion comes now when the Sam Jackson version is used in the movies, but everywhere else in mainstream Marveldom he is white. I’ve had to field questions from my kids a few times why sometimes he is one color and sometimes he’s another. I have no answer that makes sense to their brains. At least when they ask that question about Hulk, I can just say he sometimes can be grey and sometimes can be green, and it has to do with the type of characteristics he has at the time. They “get” that at least. 😀

  2. Also, in the new Avengers cartoon on Disney XD, Nick Fury is Black but has been artificially “aged” by some supervillian in an episode, giving him the grey at the temples as well.

I suppose you have a better thought on the subject?

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