Let’s try and “unearth” the INHUMANOIDS!

Hey guys!

If you follow our snazzykeen site, you’re aware I’m a hardcore, hands-down, no bullsh@t fan of the INHUMANOIDS! I even got to talk to the series writer and co-producer Flint Dille, which you can readHEREand HERE!

Anyways – I can’t speak for you guys, but I want to see this awesome series brought back! Maybe a new comic series, maybe a toyline, hell – maybe even a new series! OR ALL THREE!!!

To try and get there, I set-up a campaign page on Facebook…

HASBRO should “unearth” the INHUMANOIDS!

The more people we get, the better our chances that Hasbro will take notice!

So help me unleash the Inhumanoids on the world once again!

And just in case you haven’t seen an episode, enjoy one courtesy of YouTube – THE EVIL EYE, an episode the epitomes the tone and elements that made the show incredible:

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  1. I just finished berating Rhino.com about complete the Inhumanoids Series. Probably won’t do any good though. What do you suggest?

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