Like the rest of you, I watched the Watchmen

groening-watchmenYes, yes. I know, lame pun.

But I saw the movie, like I assume most of you did as well. So with that, I am warning you this is spoiler-filled, if you care about that sort of thing.

The changes didn’t bother me too much, but I think I would have rather seen the Squid at the end. I just loved the devious plot from the book that included a genetically-created alien to “fake” the world into peace.

Making it Dr. Manhattan made it a little “too easy”.

Plus, Adrian tells Dr. Manhattan that he is going to end war by eliminating the need for fighting over resources. I assume this is why the naked Doctor is helping Oz “recreate” his power. But think about it for a second, if we were all happy here on Earth with everything we could ever want or need, would we still fight? I look at my own children for the answer, and reflect on past experiences. They frequently have no “need” to argue and bicker. They have “unlimited resources” as far as they are concerned, and yet they manage to argue and fight over things 22 hours out the day. I think they even argue in their sleep. It is really human nature.

If we don’t have “stuff” to fight over, we find something else. Religious wars, anyone?

…so if I can work through that fairly quickly, I would think that someone with a “god-like” stature of Dr. Manhattan would see through Adrian’s scheme right away.

Unless he just didn’t care. Which is possible.

But, back to the movie. Overall I enjoyed it.

The performances were excellent, except Ozymandias. He was too young and skinny. He seemed like a douchebag the whole time, which wasn’t how the character was supposed to be perceived.  I almost wonder if some “stunt casting” would have worked for his role, casting someone famous and well-known for the reasons that you want everyone to know who he is immediately and understand that this is core to the character. I think I would have gone for Brad Pitt or equivalent.

Both Silk Specter’s were OK. I wasn’t impressed, but didn’t think they were terrible, either.

I really liked Night Owl and the Comedian way more in the movie that I did in the book. Patrick Wilson and Jeffrey Morgan did a great job giving character to these… uh… Characters.

And last but certainly not least, Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan were both AMAZING.

I also think Director Zach Snyder should have just gone balls-out and released the whole “director’s cut” right away. This was probably a studio decision, but I think the movie was already “too long” for the mainstream audience anyway, and us nerds are annoyed that we have to wait longer just to see the “real” version. Just my opinion.

I will end this ramble with a great link I found from Cracked; a “happy ending” storyboard.

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