Movie Destro Mask Revealed via Comic

Here is a pretty good look at Scottish weapons dealer James McCullen Destro’s family mask, from the upcoming G.I. Joe movie directed by Stephen Sommers. This comes from a prequel comic that will arrive in stores around the same time as the film hits theaters.

I think it looks pretty good, if this is in fact what the movie version will look like.

It looks old and traditional. As many don’t know (or care) Destro has a family line that has embraced this “iron mask” that was forced upon an ancestor to wear for treason or some such thing. It started as a mark of shame for selling weapons to both sides, but came to be a thing of pride for the clan, who now wear it in pride. In the lore of the Destro character (thanks to the old file cards, which I used to pour over as a kid) he wears the mask in battle, NOT all the time, which contrasts the character portrayed by the TV show. I was always a fan of the toys and comics, and thought the cartoon was lousy, for the most part.  While I like the traditional take, I do hope that he gets an “updated” version by the end of the film.


via TNI

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