NECA’s Gears of War 2 Marcus Fenix v Locust Drone

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This set intrigued me as a simple addition to my Amazon exclusive Headshot Drone that was released in November.

user posted imageMarcus Fenix
Anyone that has played the game, Gears of War, knows that Marcus is the hero, the main go to guy. The sculpt is pretty good as is the added articulation. What sets this piece apart from version 1 is the added articulation and blood splatter. A revision of Marcus Fenix was released with Series 2 of NECA’s Gears of War that introduced the added articulation.

This version of Marcus I’ll designate as version 2, it truly is an updated figure with a new head sculpt and expression, the added blood splatter, and a feature that should have been present from the first edition, a peg on the figures back to hold his standby weapon. There still isn’t a holster for the included pistol, but that is minuscule. The Lancer rifle also has an added hole in the magazine area to keep it attached to his back.

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Locust Drone
This version of the Drone is pretty similar to other versions of the Locust Drones, with the added exception of the slash in the chest. This wound is caused when a COG Soldier revs the chainsaw bayonet on the Lancer and carves an enemy in half. The Drone is able to raise his hands over his head, a feature missing from the earlier versions, and it too has the added peg in the back to hold his Hammerburst in reserve.

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This set is a definite buy if you are a Gears fan. The repetitive release of Marcus shouldn’t upset loyal fans, because it captures one of the gamer’s favorite moments in plastic. My final rating would be 4 out of 5, taking away a half point for each figures potential of having an arm break off. My first Marcus figure’s left arm snapped at the elbow joint. Just be careful and enjoy!

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