New G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Movie figures out!

joedisplay The new Joe figures have hit Target Stores in the States en masse! This was just ONE of the THREE endcaps dedicated to the toy line at my local store. They have what appears to be upwards of 30 single figures released plus tons of vehicles and a play set. There is also “role-play” gear, 12 inch figures, and some kid-friendly items as well. Those included pull-back vehicles, “action battlers”, 12 inch light and sound making figures, and the “Combat Heroes” 2 packs of chunky-styled figures.

As a lifelong fan of the property, I have to admit it all made me geek out. The 80’s style figures all looked pretty awesome and I will have to find a way to get the Destro on my desk. It’s a very nice version of the character.

The only problem for me is the price. These run about $8 a pop for the single figures. That is too much for me, the cheap bastard that I am. It could have helped the sting by attaching some movie cash to these as a tie-in.

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