Past Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

This review was written in the past, but posted in the future. Ah, the idiosyncratic intricateness of Time… or procrastination. Whichever.

I got to see a sneak-peek of Hot Tub Time Machine with my brother.

The Police Box.

The Delorean.

The Telephone Booth.

The Hot Tub?

All great time travel adventures require a unique method of time travel. In this film, “Hot Tub Time Machine”, the “time machine” is a hot tub. I feel really stupid for even having to type that, but there you go.

So I hope you gather from the title that the movie is a comedy. You would be right.

Hot Tub Time Machine follows four friends as they are sent back to the 1980’s by way of a magical Time Travel device in the form of a Hot Tub. The movie stars John Cusack as Adam, Clark Duke as Adam’s Nephew Jacob, and Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson as Adam’s old high school buddies.

By and large, this is a mix between an 80’s comedy and today’s standards of gross-out raunchiness.

The basic plot is that four friends travel back in time to right some past mistakes, learn some lessons, discover what true friendship means, and beat up the jocks.  It’s like a raunchy “Back To The Future”, which is exactly what it is trying to be. They even got Crispin Glover as a scene-stealing one-armed bellhop.

It’s definitely worth a spin, and I think it’s even on Netflix instant now, if you got it like the rest of America does. (added by the “Future Wug”)

In conclusion? It’s fun to see John Cusack in another 80’s movie.

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