Spoiler! She’s not out yet dammit.

Please explain this one to me DC Direct, why are we now finally getting a Spoiler figure and for whatever reason it’s not actually her? As part of the new DC Direct figure line-up ‘Batman:Battle for the Cowl,’ us fans are finally scoring a figure of the oft overlooked Bat-family member Stephanie Brown….or the Spoiler as everyone who knows who Stephanie Brown is already knew. She’s what you’d call a ‘cult favorite’ type of character since, despite being a part of the single most popular comic franchise (that being Batman…duh) barely anyone outside of the comics community (not say those who really liked ‘Dark Knight’) know who the hell she is.

Of course this should be a cause for ‘Oh Hell YES’ if the fans actually got her. Instead we’re getting this:

For those of us not following the Bat-titles. Batman is dead and the previous Batgirl has gone and said ‘fuck it’ leaving former Spoiler to be Batgirl. Alright then. Good for her, I guess? While it’s nice to see the character finally getting some wider recognition- I don’t think I’m alone in saying I’d have rather it’d been on her own merit, being that she was one of the few Bat-family members who wasn’t latched onto the core group ( at least originally) via being a replacement of someone. But eh, I’ll give the comic some time. Yes part of getting the Batgirl title is actually getting the Batgirl TITLE. So yay, another comic title.

This of course really has nothing to with my wanting a specific action figure. But who doesn’t love filler?

See, I’m a fan of the girl (since 1993 bitches! Ok, hi…old) and long have wanted a figure of her, and a crappy heroclix doesn’t cut it. She had a cool outfit, one that wasn’t simply Batman with tits mind you, which would make her semi unique on display.

Stephanie Brown

Hell I would’ve even been halfway satisfied with her brief stint as Robin If only because the odds would be greater in favor of the original being released. See, I get it. She’s only being made on account of the new ongoing comic, without that backing her up, alongside taking on the far more marketable name. But this is like releasing Nightwing without ever having made a Robin. At her core she’ll always be Spoiler to people like me, and while like I said the jury is out on her role as Batgirl, I still would’ve liked to have had a figure of good old Spoiler first.

Best I can hope for is that the comic is popular enough that she gets made regardless….

night all

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