Shocker Toys Finally Releasing Indie Spotlight Figures?

Indie Spotlight
Indie Spotlight Series 1

I got this email from Shocker Toys today (as I’m assuming lots of other people did as well) but there were actual product pictures of the long-rumored and much-maligned Indie Spotlight action figure line. Here is what they had to say about it:

Indie Spotlight
Indie Spotlight is a new action figure series from Shocker Toys
presenting independent comic book characters in 6-7″ super poseable
figure form. Series 1 features (Jim Valentino’s ShadowHawk, Rob Schrab’s
Scud the disposable assassin, Terry Moore’s Katchoo of ‘Strangers in
Paradise’, David Mack’s Kabuki and MTV’s The Maxx 8″. Anticipated Series
2 will consist of Dick Tracy, Zombie King (Deadworld), Jack the lantern,
Ignacia (Wildguard) and The Tick.

Sounds good to me, IF they actually come out! I was saddened by the death of the Legendary Heroes line from ToyBiz (erm…Marvel Toys).

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