RAFR – THE WOLFMAN – 7′ Mezco Figure Review

Even a man who’s pure of heart…
And reads his prayers by candlelight…
May become a wolf…
When the wolfbane blooms…
And the Autumn moon shines bright!

This evening of February 12th, 2010 gives us the rebirth of another of Universal’s pictures monster icon… that of The Wolfman!

"You've done terrible things, Lawrence!"

“You’ve done terrible things, Lawrence!”

Originally released in 1941, The Wolfman became the quintessential werewolf flick and over the years endeared itself to a legion of fans for it dreamily-surreal cinematography, a smartly written script by Curt Siodmak (which would instill the cornerstone myths of werewolf-lore in our subconscious with the hallmarks of the transformation triggered by the full moon, silver bullets to dispatch werewolves and the pentagram marking the beast), and the amazing make-up that brought the lycanthrope to life by the legendary Jack Pierce!

The remake, I am proud to say, honors ALL that came before and gives a fresh visual look to an established classic…

…which brings me to our subject matter…

In conjunction with the film, Mezco toys has produced two deluxe action figures – a standard 7″ action figure and a deluxe, fully-articulated 13″ version, of which we’ll be looking at the former.

It’s a nice, solid figure with a bit of heft to it, which I like. To me, I like to actually “feel” my money’s worth and this has that feel.

The paint job is pretty standard, no major issues, and surprisingly they did a WONDERFUL job detailing his face. His hands, while not able to grasp anything, end in some nice, almost-talon-like claws as do his feet.

He has 14 points of articulation at his calves, thighs, waist, wrists, elbows, shoulders and head. His elbows, however merely swivel so it can look slightly awkward.

I want to stress this is a display-piece figure and not an actual toy. Not that it couldn’t stand-up to the wear and tear of playing, I just don’t see any child being happy with the aforementioned articulation.

While his feet look deceptive, I assure you he will stand quite well on his own, the bottoms being flat, and should you choose to build a diorama for him, there are peg holes that will allow you to mount him on a myriad of terrains.

Included with him was a detailed cane accessory from the original film and featured as a nod in the remake.

It’s a neat little accessory and the paint appliance is nice and clean, but it is little more than decoration as the Wolfman himself can’t grasp & hold it. But hey – any accessory is better than no accessory!

This is hands-down an awesome figure if you like monsters like I do. It looks pretty awesome displayed and it’s going on my Universal Monster shelf along with my Sideshow Collectibles Dracula, Frankenstein & Wolfman busts and two deluxe Van Helsing 13″ figures.

Just beware the moors on a full moon…

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