Top 10 Doctor Who Figures That Need To Be Made in 3 3/4 Scale

Character Options makes the official Doctor Who toys and recently made a switch to the 3.75 scale for figures going forward. This is disconcerting for long time collectors that are used to the 5 inch figures, but I understand that certain key figures will still be made in the 5 inch scale as well as the classics figures will keep receiving characters in the 5 inch scale. For the rest of us that may not have yet collected the Doctor Who figures, this is great news. The 3.75 scale is the scale made popular in the late 70’s and early 80’s with the Star Wars and (in the US) G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Many collectors still enjoy the 3.75 scale, as many popular licenses have since adopted the same size. This common size also makes for fun diorama set ups.


Disney might actually be able to make this show now...
Disney might actually be able to make this show now…

Doctor Who has even had figures made DAPOL in this size back in the 80s and 90s.

DAPOL Doctor Who figures

The first series of Character Options Series of 3.75 figures consists of The Doctor (Matt Smith) in his newest outfit, Clara, an Ice Warrior, a Dalek (of course), a New Cyberman, and a Weeping Angel.


Of course a newly scaled TARDIS is part of the offerings as well. I imagine the internet will soon explode with pictures of the Galactic Empire capturing the TARDIS.

With these figures in mind, what should Character Options do next, or what figures HAVE to be made? Nerds like to speculate and create lists, and I am no different. After briefly consulting with a pair of Doctor Who (and also action figure) experts i.e. my two sons: aged 10 and 8, I crafted this list of what has to be made next.

I kept a few things in mind when narrowing down the options.

1. Popularity. Who would sell? I may REALLY want a “Face of Boe” action figure… But you probably don’t. I tried to stick to popular characters.

2. Play factor. I know adults buy these things, but Character Options needs to sell lots of these things to stay in business. It’s just the way it is. So I also kept in mind characters that would offer more play options for kids wanting to craft their own play stories. This sort of lines up with the popularity reasoning, but the two are not necessarily hand in hand.

3. MONSTERS! We need cool monsters for the Doctor to outwit. A character that could double as a monster may be weighted more heavily in my choices.
Oh, and just in case you are reading this, people from Character Options… you are welcome. In lieu of money, just send toys to my house.


DW_4-101.The Doctor (10/4)

OK, I know all the incarnations of the Doctor need to be made eventually. It just HAS to happen. But if Character Options wants to grab a bunch of cash right away, they need to make two doctors for sure right at the start. David Tennant and Tom Baker. A gift pack with either of these and a TARDIS will be scarfed up by fans worldwide. I know they might not be YOUR favorite Doctor, but there is no denying the fact that they are probably the most popular overall. Put it on ThinkGeek in the States and watch the quid roll in! Am I cheating putting two figures right off the bat and counting them as one? Probably, but just don’t look at my list as a linear progression, but more of a wibbly wobbly, collection of things that I am writing about. Better? No? Ah well. Deal with it.

DW_strax2. Strax

I love Strax. Based on the videos he gets on YouTube, lots of others like him as well. He is a funny foil for the Doctor to riff off of and yes, he can double as a Monster. Keep him in his Sontaran Armour and include a removable helmet, and he can easily become an “Army builder” figure to create a Sontaran Army that will enjoy obliterating us all!




DW_ood3. An Ood

The Ood are cool looking monsters. Add in the fact that there are lots of ood and that they are featured in many episodes and in different plot capacities and that makes them a great, versatile addition to this list.





DW_amy4. Amy Pond

Amy is the “standard” companion for Doctor eleven. Clara is great, but we need an Amelia for the Doctor to shout “Come along, Pond!” to.





DW_rose5. Rose

She may not be your favorite companion. She is not mine… but much like Amy is to eleven, Rose is to ten. The dioramas demand it. Do not anger the dioramas.




DW_master6. The Master

Ah, the arch-nemesis. The Master, like the Doctor, has appeared in many forms. Another figure that just has to be made. I would go with the John Simms version in the black hoodie. He looked dangerous and that outfit could fit into many time streams without looking as odd as a three-piece suit would.




DW_vastra7. Vastra

Like Strax, Vastra can double as a Monster if you give her the Silurian battle mask. She is also another one of those characters that can be used on many adventures in “play time”.




DW_jack8. Captain Jack Harkness

Jack has a loyal and loving (pun intended?) fanbase and would most likely push many units (innuendo intended?). He is also bad-ass and kids would have a fun time making him die over and over again.




DW_river9. River Song

A major part of eleven’s life, we would be remiss if River was not represented in some form! She is popular and able to go along on many imaginative adventures.




DW_silence10. The Silence

I realize the Silence are fairly new, but they are visually striking and also formidable opponents. I see many opportunities for kids playing with these guys and they look just so dang creepy.





There you have it! Make these toys!
Think I’m crazy? Chime in on the comments below!

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