TRON Toy Bootlegs

TRON Passenger Airliner

I love this stuff. I still have some bizarre Star Wars bootlegs that I purchased in Argentina.

Buy your own bizarre TRON toys by the friggin CASE!

Here are a couple highlights:

TRON: Airliner

TRON Passenger Airliner


How do the “regular” citizens of the grid go other destinations? On the TRON: Airlines passenger jets, of course!

TRON: Lightsaber

Bootleg TRON: Baton/Lightsaber


OK, I actually have to give them points for this one. It’s meant to resemble the batons from the film, but this is one in “sword” mode, demonstrated by Quorra towards the end of the film. Spin Masters should have given us something like this… just mostly screen accurate. They gave them to the figures, so I’m at a loss why they didn’t think it would be a good “play” item.

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