What was that at the end of Captain Marvel?

This post contains MAJOR spoilers for Captain Marvel and Avengers: Infinity War, in case you care.

The latest Marvel Studios Film has hit the cinema screen, and of course, it has after-credits sequences.


The first brings the timeline back to current MCU time, jumping forward from the mid-90’s that Captain Marvel took place in.

Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine and Bruce Banner are looking at the pager that Nick Fury had dropped at the end of Avengers: Infinity War before he vanished. The same pager that Carol Danvers had given to Fury to only be used in an emergency.

What was that at the end of Captain Marvel?

The pager is hooked up to some holding device. The pager just stopped working, and the dialogue turns to a discussion of what it is, why they were keeping it running, and what to do next. It is commented that they had bypassed the battery and so power wasn’t the issue. It stopped on its own.

We then see Captain Marvel appear in the room with the question: “Where is Fury?” and the scene cuts to black.

This leads us to the beginning of the next film in the MCU franchise, Aevengers: Endgame.

As assumed by us before, Ms. Danvers will be there to join in the fight against Thanos in the next film.

The second scene takes us back to Fury’s office where we see Goose the Cat Flerken hacking up a hairball the Tesseract. Goose had previously swallowed and stored the Tesseract earlier in the film.

Goose is an alien creature known as a Flerken. It closely resembles an Earth cat but has inside of itself many fangs, tentacles and mouths. Also included is space to hold or store physical objects, which is where the Tesseract went.

Goose the Cat Comic
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