X-Men Origins: Wolverine – an early overview

Live Action Deadpool - post surgery

Yeah, so Kyle mentioned that the new X-Men flick has leaked, and indeed it has. No, I did not download it. Yes, I did see it, and I did not pay a bootlegger. To start off, let’s be completely fair. It is definitely a work print and many shots are unfinished. The official response from FOX is that there are also scenes missing. I don’t know if this was the version before the reshoots earlier this year, or if this one is just waiting for the SPFX to be completed, with the picture more or less locked.

But anyway-I won’t go into a whole review or plot synopsis, but I will cover some quick “hot topics” nerds have been buzzing about.

Keep in mind that I’m not the hugest fan of the X-Men movies so far. I didn’t flat-out hate them, but they never felt like the X-Men I was used to as a teenager reading the comics in the 90’s.

Quick points:

1. The story is good! I enjoyed this one more than the previous 3 X-flicks. It really felt like an X-Men film to me. Ironic, since this is “Wolverine”. Ah well.

2. The acting is solid. Great job by all involved, except the kids in the “Origin” part (as in the excellent comic) at the very beginning. I thought we were in trouble at first.

3. The characters and their “cameos” are very well done. Blob and Gambit were stand-outs to me.

4. The opening montage of Logan and Victor through wars and battles was quite awesome.

5. Logan gets to be nasty and stabby, while still the lovable scamp that he is.

Spoilers now follow the cut, so if you don’t want to read any of them, don’t continue.

Yes, Deadpool is changed. BUT, the character is not “ruined”. Wade is shown at the beginning and is very funny, while still fitting the tone of the movie. He is then shown later as “Deadpool”; a combination of the perfect mix of mutant powers. His mouth is sewn shut “to finally shut him up”. He is dispatched of at the end, but we all know Wade can heal, and I assume if they do a spin-off movie, he will have lost most of his “extra powers” as a result. Let’s face it, “true” Deadpool fans, how many times had Wade died in the comics? That’s his “thing”.

I also have heard that the re-shoots dealt with more scenes with Logan and Wade together. As in this workprint there wasn’t much interaction, I wonder if this was pre-reshoots. I had also heard rumoured that the reshoots fixed the issue of Deadpool “dying” at the end. But at this point I chalk that up to fanboy wishes (which include me, by the way).

I am actually looking forward to seeing the finished product now, this workprint really gave me hope!

This has been the X-Men flick I had been waiting for all along.

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