DC Universe Classics Wave 7 : Kid Flash review

Alright let’s get this bad boy underway. Here we are, Wave 7 (or Wave 6 if you’re like me and never even saw the Wal-mart wave…ugh) and damn what a set do we have. Finally we get a Booster and Beetle along with both Silver Age Flashes AND one of their Rogues! Finish it off with a repaint topping the line a bitchin’ BAF. So let’s see how they stack up.

To start this off we have Kid Flash aka Wally West, aka Bart Allen….and more than likely Wally West again since DC in it’s infinite wisdom has decreed that the Silver Age in fact is due for a comeback as long dead Flash Barry Allen returned in the pages of Final Crisis and that….yeah I really have no words. I’m not against his return per se, but at the same time I grew up with Wally as the Flash, and like Kyle Rayner before him, I suspect the returned ‘classic’ version will supplant the more modern version…..but anyways.

Wally here (and according to the package that’s who it is) sports the ‘teenage’ body that other Titan Tim Drake rocked out in wave 3. As it stands the base body looks alright aside from the way too skinny knees that makes some these bastards come off a bit warped. Build-wise he looks like a really fit teen – which he’d have to be if he was throwing down with grown men right? On the original sculpt dept. Wally’s face sculpt is one of the best I’ve seen as I was a bit leery as his partial cowl and hair seemed like it would be a tight fit but it works. The only other sculpted part is the boots and glove (well the gauntlets are new and not too interesting) his boots are nice enough, the treads on his boots were a nice touch I thought.

Be wary of paint though. My KF has some major problems when it came to the yellow at the waistline was not only sloppily applied It’s actaully crooked! Judging from this figure one would think poor Wally had just run by Powergirl as she was popping out and spun around a bit too quickly….. His head fares better, the red hair with what looks like a blond paint wash adds some texture aside from that? His torso being a BRIGHT yellow lacking the red wash his mask and limbs have, and it looks nice by the way, he’s alright overall.

No accessories but his lone deal is that he fucking RUNS. Now with that being said he comes packed with the expected BAF part for JSAer Atom Smasher…..and in case you really wanted to know, it’s the right arm.

I’d describe it, but would the point of an Atom Smasher be?

In the end it’s a nice solid figure that you may want to take a closer look at before purchase.

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