Time to hit the torrents nerds

For any of you who’s been curious as to how bad they’ve ‘raped Deadpoop’ well now you have your chance. Like the Halloween Remake before it, Wolverine has hit the internets. Well a workprint of it has anyways. From what’s been said so far, no one is shocked and neither am I since shit screener copies are huge now- how I got my copy of Dark Knight early I’ll tell you that.

So if you’re bored enough hit up them there torrents, a mediocre movie now awaits you.

and someone please call me when Terminator 4 arrives.

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  1. It was not bad! I am really interested in seeing in the theater now. This was the best advertising to an audience of someone on the fence like me. I will go see it in the cinema now, where before I was going to wait till DVD.

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