Friday The 13th Part 3: 3D: The Bloody Thumb Review

Friday The 13th Part 3: 3D: The Bloody Thumb Review

Camp Crystal Lakes Bloody Legacy


1982, Runtime 95 Minutes Rated R USA


Camp Crystal Lake, is not alone. Crystal Lake, is a big lake. Lots of places for someone, or something to hide. The Camp is closed, by the evil isn’t gone. The evil is still there, loose. But now, it doesn’t have a Camp Crystal Lake to stalk. Now, the evil has to find other ways to amuse itself.

Chris Higgens is coming back to Crystal Lake. She left the lake two years ago after seeing something in the woods. Something that scared her beyond belief. Something Evil.

Chris isn’t coming alone though. Chris has friends, friends who care about her and support her. Friends who are just looking for a place to Party, Smoke Pot, and have Sex.

The Evil in Crystal Lake is alive. The Evil In Crystal Lake is coming. The Evil in Crystal Lake is in 3-D!!!


Dana Kimmel is Chris Higgens. And Paul Kratka plays the part of Rick. Even though they are the two leads of the movie, theirs really not much of interest to say about them or their careers, so I won’t.

Larry Zerner plays the Part of Shelly. Born September 8, 1963 in Hollywood California. In 1984 he had a very small part in the film Hadley’s Revenge, and he played a Stage Manager on an episode of Fame. Fame. I Want to live forever. Fame. I want to learn how to fly. HIGH. Er… Sorry. Back to Larry… Not long afterwords Larry gave up acting, lost weight and now works as an entertainment lawyer.

Richard Brooker is Jason Voorhees this time about. He’s also plays Oghris in the 1984 film Deathstalker, I’m sure I’m not the only one out their in TV land who remembers Deathstalker. God help us all.

David Wiley has the part of Abel. Abel is nothing more then a cheap rip off of the Crazy Ralph character from the first two movies. Interestingly enough though, David’s voice is used as a pedestrian in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

“Sorry, and I’m not an Asshole, I’m an Actor” Shelly


Directed by Steve Miner. Steve was the producer of part one as well as the director of part two of the Friday the 13th series, as well as directing Halloween H20. He also directed House, Soul Man, Forever Young, Lake Placid and the film Warlock. He’s also worked on numerous TV shows including the Wonder Years, Smallville, Felicity, Dawson’s Creek, and the vastly underrated Chicago Hope.

Writing credits go to Carol Watson and Martin Kitrosser. Carol also wrote the story for Meatballs 2 and Martin worked as a script supervisor on Dumb and Dumber, Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Threesome and Reservoir Dogs. He also WROTE and DIRECTED Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker. Interesting… Very Interesting…

Casting by Dave Eman and Bill Lytle. Some of you may remember Bill as the Mail Clerk in the excellent Wizard of Oz based little people comedy, Under the Rainbow. He also played Delbert in the Buddy Holly Story, and the School Guard in Gas Pump Girls. Dave on the other hand went on to fame and stardom doing Location Casting on Return of The Jedi. This is just another small step in my quest to acknowledge the unacknowledged.


This is the movie to originate the infamous Hockey Mask look for Jason.

With the obvious exception of Friday the 13th Part one, this is the only “Jason” Friday movie in which the name “Jason” is never used.

The Actor who played Shelly was discovered working at a movie theater by one of the producers of the film. Larry was in the process of ripping a ticket for the Road Warrior when he was “discovered”.

The Actor who played Shelly was also one of the final contestants on TVs Who Wants to be a Millionaire But he never made it to the hot seat.

“How come you never scream when we have sex?” Chuck

“Give me something to scream about” Chili


The bar pushing the eye out in the famous “EYE POPPING” scene is clearly visible.

When Shelly throws the wallet to Vera in the store he is wearing a watch, but that is the only shot in which he has a watch on. Interestingly enough, this Mistake was submitted to the fine folks at by none other then the actor who played Shelly himself.

Jason is wearing the same clothes in the flash back sequence that he stole during the beginning of the film. Even though the flash back was supposedly two years earlier.

And the biggest Mistake of them All.. Jason looks completely different under his mask then he did in the movie before!!!!!!!

“Is that all you’re gonna do this weekend? Smoke dope?” Shelly


I’ve come to the conclusion, that this movie Needs to be released in it’s original 3-D. Without that 3-D effect, so much of this movie just comes out corny… All the 3-D deaths just look silly. Then the things like the guy pointing the pole at the camera, and the snake leaping out at it, without that 3-D it’s laughable. If the movie was still 3-D I don’t think the effects would “Stick Out” as much. Excuse the pun. You can defiantly tell what was supposed to stick out, and when it doesn’t, It leaves the movie flat.

3-D effects aside, I surprised myself when viewing this film. I’ve always said, that the Friday the 13th films are far better then people are willing to give them Credit for. By people, I of coarse mean Non Genre fans. If you pull yourself away a little, and just watch the movie for fun, it’s actually a pretty good little pop corn flick. If you can allow yourself to get into it, it’s actually got some pretty good moments in their.

Up till now, I always saw this as really, the WORST of the first Jason arc. Something about this movie always stuck out in my mind. For one thing, it feels rushed, theirs no real need for the characters or the setting. It’s all just too dimensional, Like Jason was walking through the woods on his way to the market and just stopped by to kill a bunch of nameless faceless people for no reason what so ever.

There really isn’t a reason in this one. In the first one we had the whole “revenge” scenario, in the second one we had the “Revenge for the first movie and stay the fuck out of my camp” scenario. In this one though, there really is no reason at all. None. Zip, bupkis. Jason just kills, because he’s Jason, and that is what he does. End of Story.

That always bothered me a little with this one. I like my killers to have some sort of reason no matter how much of stretch it is. I suppose if one really wanted to, they could say he’s killing them just because they are on Camp Crystal Lake and he rule’s Crystal Lake. Or they could say that he’s killing them because the Smoke Pot and Have Sex. No, I don’t accept either of those two reasons.

Lets face it, Jason is killing people BECAUSE HE CAN. If they didn’t cross his path, he wouldn’t kill them.

When I looked back at this film, I suddenly realized, I can handle that. I don’t really have that much of a problem with him killing simply as a primal type behavior.
This isn’t the best movie in the series, but it is better then part two. That’s saying something at least isn’t it?

Two and a Half out of Five Bloody Thumb Prints

UPDATE I wrote this Review YEARS ago, as the bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation can attest to. At the time I hadn’t seen Friday 3 In 3-D. A few years back, I actually got the chance to do just that. See the flick in 3-D. Twice in fact, and I don’t mean the crappy Blue Red 3-D they tried to pawn off on us on DVD. Twice i got to see this on the big screen in glorious 3-D. The first time was such a great experience that when it popped up again I gathered my daughter, my nephews, a couple of friends and some siblings together to go see it.

If you ever get a chance to see this on the Big screen in glorious 3-D, take it. The movie is really amazing that way. I’ve seen several flicks that way and this has to be one of the best looking. Sure some of the effects seem silly with out that extra added dimension, but with it even the silliest of scenes really shine.

People in the theater i saw it in the first time actually moved out of the way during the Yo Yo scene. PLUS i got to hear some thing I never thought i would hear, People Screaming. The 3-D effects really help draw you into the movie. It’s truly an amazing way to see the flick.

3-D pumps this up to 3 and a Half Bloody Thumb Prints out of Five.

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