New Rumour: Disney wants to buy Hasbro?

There is a rumour going on right now, that you may have heard.  Hot on the heels of the announcement that Disney is acquiring Lucasfilm to the tune of 4 billion dollars (cue the Dr. Evil finger to lip thing), sites are reporting that Disney now wants to buy Hasbro.

This article seems to be the “Patient Zero” of the rumour. 

To me, this sounds like someone is just thinking about Disney now holding the rights to two of Hasbro’s biggest toy sellers (Marvel and Star Wars) and going from there. On the other hand, Hasbro has been posturing itself as not just a toy company, but an entertainment one, using it’s brands to expand into other markets. This has not always been successful, and I could see top brass at Hasbro contemplating a sale of this sort. Disney could then make films about many more properties that already have good brand awareness. Disney also then has access to manufacturing of toys, games, and the like all under one roof. Seems like a win for all.


Plus, Inhumanoids movie. Just sayin.


What do YOU think?




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