The Question: a JLU action figure review

Take a little time off and look at what good can come of it. Not too long ago Mattel’s JLU toyline was put on a sort of hiatus, sort of in the way that it seemed like no one was stocking the damn thing anymore.

Why was this? Well the answer is really very simple: No one wishes to buy the same three figures over and over again, and for whatever reason Mattel felt it wise to slap Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman into the lineups ad nauseum. Seriously, I actually once checked a case assortment of the three-packs and to my shock I found that Batman showed up like 5 times in the case assortments, whereas totally new and in demand characters like Huntress and Atom only appeared ONCE. Gee when that many of the same figure is clogging shelves, while lone characters such as Blue Devil are going for like 40 bucks online…yeah I can see why this line fucking TANKED.

But that may be over as it was announced not too long back that the line was far from dead, simply changing, as it is now a Target exclusive line, which is nice since I don’t feel like walking the earth like Cain just to find em!

The first new packs are starting to pop up, some harder to find figures are being rereleased alongside totally new figures as well, sadly the superman and batman quotient is still there, but slightly less so. The review I place before your eyes is that of one of the new guys, and a highly requested one might I add: The Question!

He first appeared in the late sixties, created by Steve Dikto (of spider-man fame) and his earliest adventures were of the weird detective/avenger style (think Shadow) I’m a little hazy but I think he was part of Dikto’s method of preaching Objectivism (aka it’s either GOOD or BAD…no middle groud….oh GO LOOK IT UP!), to be honest I often confuse Question with Dikto’s other creation Mr.A. Either way, Question here has been most recently shown as more of a conspiracy nut, as seen on JLU and DC comics (most notably 52….until he well died). As it’s the JLU version I’m going to look at, then he’s a conspiracy theorist.

Oh and Question here was the character Alan Moore used as a basis for creating Watchmen character Rorschach, for those three people who don’t know.

Question here sport the basic FIVE: neck,arms,and legs. He’s isn’t highly articulated, but this line has never been that way aside from a few exceptions (the main league members and larger scale figures), so I can’t fault the figure and to be honest I’ve come to expect it. So all is good.

I’m going to come out and say it- this is by far the best JLU figure released to date, the likness is perfect (although he does lack any real face to speak of so maybe that has something to do with it).

The body itself is most likely a reuse, but I’m at a loss as to where it’s been seen before, I’m fairly certain this is being used on the upcoming Clock King figure so there’s a nice heads up for anyone interested. The head is entirely new, lacking a face as his way along with a sculpted on hat which works astonishingly well as it effectively conveys the shadowed look that I’ve seen many figures try but fail. Last but not least he’s sporting a full trenchcoat made of rubbery soft goods and it’s a great piece, not restricting movement in anyway (as the arms are seperate) and the royal blue matches up with the arms, it’s not 100% exact but mainly the only difference is based on materials used.

Very little paint was used in making the figure, sadly it’s the figure’s only real low point but thankfully the only real paint is for Question’s shirt. Similar to many figures with massive painted details- the base plastic color tends to show through. But don’t worry as it’s not that noticeable, and really you’ll only notice it if you’re anal or a toy reviewer :p. Be aware that there can be some slop.

The Question is a great figure and more than worth the ten dollar price tag, I’ll assume that many of you are buying it soley for him as the other two figures are the oft-released Wonder Woman and Flash. As I was writing this the JLU episode ‘Question Authority’ was playing, a killer episode that highlighted how awesome/insane Question was on that show. The figure is simply great and I can’t recommend him enough.

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