G.I. Joe Movie Cobra Commander… sort of.

cobracommanderHere is a look at the design for Cobra Commander in the upcoming live-action G.I. Joe movie.

I don’t hate it.

I’ve heard lots of people bitching about the character designs for this movie, and I just can’t get behind that. You see, I am a toy fan. I LOVED the G.I. Joe figures as a kid and I played with them for hours.

You know what was always exciting for me as a kid? The blissful times that new figures appeared on the shelves at Target. You know what was part of that? Seeing what new costumes my favorite characters had recieved. Yes, that’s right. The characters HAD DIFFERENT COSTUMES. Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Destro, Cobra Commander, even Duke…all had costumes that deviated from the “classic” ones seen in the cartoons and comic books. The reason for the costume changes was simple. Hasbro wanted to make money selling the same popular characters over and over again.

So now we come to the new movie hitting cinemas this summer-ish. Does it REALLY surprise any of you that they changed the look of the characters a little bit? THEY WANT TO SELL MORE TOYS. If they made the characters look exactly like the classic figures, there would be no motivation for further toy sales, right? RIGHT? For those of you spazzing out about this look of Cobra Commander, I present to you a quick gallery of costume changes over the years thanks to RTM and a fun article about the fashion of the would-be world dictator:


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